Amazing Ways to Instantly get rid of Bad Mood

A bad mood can deny you and those around you a good time. One can wake up in a bad mood or it might be caused by nervousness about something. One can calm themselves down by deciding to be in-charge of how they feel. Boosting your mood when one is down or upset is vital in keeping you happy and enable seeing the positive side of life. The following five skills can help turn around a bad mood.

  1. Changing your situational look

Reappraising a situation helps change your feeling about the same. Reappraisal helps you gain a deeper understanding of issues that are making you have a bad mood. Additionally, it helps you create an internal positive monologue which is important in improving your mood. You get to evaluate issues without attaching emotions to them thus avoid becoming negative about your shortcomings but rather, focus on your strengths. You get a reassurance about your capabilities which help lift up your mood by saying things such as; “I believe I am intelligent and can get this work done, today is a great day and nothing will bet my resolve to succeed.

Cognitive reappraisal is among the fastest ways to lift up your mood. Changing your perception of a situation also changes the physiological response of your body. You are able to keep intense emotions away thus avoid having a bad mood.

  1. Distraction

Distraction is an effective way to deal with stressful situations which make you have a bad mood. Thinking more about unpleasant thoughts aggravates bad mood. Help your mind stay off bad memories and worries about unpleasant moments in future by being occupied doing simple things such as listening to music, eating pleasant food, going for a walk. Feeling hungry can be a cause for bad mood more so when stressed and you are too busy to spare time to eat. Eating healthy foods rich in magnesium can help replenish your energy levels, satisfy the hunger feeling and elate your mood. Secondly, a nature walk can also keep your mind from wandering to unpleasant thoughts. You occupy your mind with the good things nature has to offer and its wonders thus avoid bad mood. Exercising is another excellent way to avoid bad mood since it stimulates the body to produce feel-good hormones such as endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine among others. Secretion of these hormones provides natural antidepressants which help to keep you happy.

  1. Modifying the Situation

Situations under which you go through experiences have varying effect on our mood. Change the environment of situations that make you have a bad mood when you are not able to change your thinking about the same. Environment change can be changing places of work, occupation or place of residence. The change must not be necessarily drastic for it to be effective: It can be simple things such as surrounding yourself with positive-minded people instead of negative-minded ones, taking a walk before a brainstorming meeting, and mentioning negative aspects about your partner when they are at their happiest rather than when they offend you among others.

  1. Looking at the Bigger Picture

Changing your mindset by looking at the bigger picture is a crucial tact to avoid bad mood. Temporal distancing helps you give issues a systems approach rather than a piecemeal approach. You increase your understanding that both the positive and negative aspects of something are equally important to the final product. Temporal distancing helps you maintain calm in challenging, unclear and tense situations.

  1. Humor

Finding a reason to laugh no matter what the situation increases your mental energy. Crack jokes, be in the company of funny friends, say something funny and be fascinated by the wonders of the world to have fun. Laughter improves both your mental and physical strength and health making you have better intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. You appreciate yourself and others more which lead to socially better lives. Humour creates a light moment out of those things that deprive you of good mood and lets you know it is never that serious.

A bad mood can overwhelm us and reduce our productivity, harm our relationships with those around and make us dissatisfied. We have the ability to get rid of a bad mood in us to get a favorable image of the world around us.