6 Surprising Ways to Have a Healthy Heart

Do you want to have the best health? When it comes to having a healthy heart, experts recommend that you have a healthy diet and avoid smoking. However, you may have a family history of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases or having trouble controlling issues such as high cholesterol. Remember you must check these conditions if you want to prevent instances of getting heart diseases. It’s the reason you should consider the following surprising ways on how to have a healthy heart.

1. Involve Yourself in Activities Such As Spirituality:

It’s important to remember that feeling lonely may lead you to become depressed, which may affect your heart. That means you should consider involving yourself in religion or becoming more spiritual. It will enable you to control your emotions, which means you will react calmly to situations by understanding there is more to life. According to research, many people who report being spiritual have been found to have fewer heart problems or diseases. The possible reason could be less stress and frustration about the daily up and downs we encounter.

2. Enjoy a Good Night Sleep for At Least 8 Hours:

Studies have shown that if you have 7-8 hours of sleep a day, you will experience fewer heart diseases. Remember that for those who enjoy sleep for more than 8 hours, chances are high that they will have issues such as high blood pressure. That could be as a result of depression, drinking much alcohol or working hard. If you don’t have optimum sleep, your blood pressure will remain high, which means less protection in the case of heart problems.

Keep in mind that high blood pressure causes your heart muscles to thicken and damage the blood vessels. For the best outcome, go to bed earlier, turn off any electric devices an hour before bed, avoid drinking excessive alcohol and don’t drink caffeine after noon. The reason is these things tend to make you wake up earlier.

3. Remember The Flu Vaccine?

One thing you should remember is that you need to have a flu shot if you want to enjoy good health. That’s because if you haven’t, your body will experience inflammation whenever you have flu. Chronic inflammation is bad for you since it puts a lot of pressure on your body and damages your blood vessel walls. People have got the flu vaccine have fewer chances getting cardiac arrests the following year.

4. Look for Treatment If You Have Depression:

It’s important to realize that individuals with depression and stress have higher chances of getting heart disease. Keep in mind depression starts in our brains since it’s a sign of the nervous system not function properly. The nervous system regulates the heart rate and blood pressure. It means if you have depression, you will increase your adrenaline, which means the circulatory system will have stress. The result is you will start taking part in negative behaviors such as eating a poor diet, smoking, living a sedentary lifestyle and having high cholesterol levels.

5. Become More Active:

Avoid living a sedentary lifestyle. For instance, stop spending too much time sitting down without moving. The reason is if you isolate yourself from others, you won’t take steps to improve your life, for example, stopping smoking or exercising. The best ways to start being active is by getting out of your house and joining a good social network that loves exercises, camping or hiking.

6. Do You Have A Hobby?

Hobbies enable you to enjoy spending time in the outdoors. For example, you can choose to do gardening or enjoying social interactions in theaters. The reason is if you spend much time sitting on your couch, you will cause the blood platelets to become stickier, resulting in blood clots and occurrence of heart diseases if you don’t watch out.


The above 6 surprising ways to have a healthy heart should enable you to prevent heart diseases. Remember you need to stay active, have a balanced diet, become spiritual and look for hobbies if you want to enjoy perfect health. Make sure you exercise regularly, have optimum sleep and avoid unhealthy choices such as smoking, alcohol drinking and living a sedentary lifestyle. The result is you will enjoy a healthy lifestyle and be an example to family and friends.