5 Ways to Lower Your Sugar Intake

The procedures for reducing sugar intake are very simple. You do not need any therapy or any form of diagnosis to achieve this. Instead, what you need to do is to simply watch your diet. Consuming sugar-rich beverages such as soda, or adding a spoon full of sugar to your favorite snack or tea in the morning might be the reason you are taking excess sugar. If you can consider reducing the amount of such food that you consume, then you might be on a safer side. You might have been trying to lower your sugar intake with all means but you haven’t been seeing results. There might be chances that you are still consuming sugar without knowing. Some of the everyday foods that we eat might look less sugary but in real sense, they are at the highest level. This article lists some of the best ways to lower your sugar intake.

1. Check Your Condiments

Condiments such as ketchup and BBQ marina are known to be sour. Convincing someone that they contain sugar can then be very hard. With a much closer look, this appears to be true as such condiments have much sugar hidden in their content. I know you cannot afford to eat your fries without ketchup or your favorite piece of meat without adding that marina. Okay, that’s cool, you can have it. However, what you need to consider is to always check on the nutrition level before purchasing one. There are those brands that contain fewer sugar versions hence they can be suitable for reducing sugar intake in your diet.

2. Drink Sugar-Free Beverages

To begin with, if you are serious about cutting your sugar intake, then you must agree with me that sodas are a no-go zone. These beverages are known to contain large amount of sugar. For instance, the coca cola drink alone can add you a whopping 39g of sugar per bottle. The same issue applies to other beverages such as juices and chilled tea. The key point here is one; always stick to the word, unsweetened beverage, at all time. Be it at a local café, or that you are purchasing one at your local stores, ensure that they are sugar-free. If you cannot do without a coca cola, there is a new diet Coca-Cola brand that is sugar-free.

3. Go Whole

A good food is that one which has not undergone excess processing. The more organic foods can be, the safer they are for consumption in terms of sugar content. Most processing companies are known to add an extra pinch of sugar so as their products could taste better. Now, that is where the problem comes from. A good example that can prove this is the comparison between the modern and the old packaging of oats. The current ones have a sugar level that can add up to 13 grams while the earlier version only contained 1 gram only. Always pick the old version packages.

4. Consume More Protein And Fat

Carbs vary in terms of sugar levels thus consuming blindly can be unhealthy. Too much sugar in a Carb can lead to a raise blood sugar which is very dangerous to health. The best remedy to this is to ensure that you replace your Carb portions with plenty of protein, fats and a few fibers rich foods. This can be a way to ensure you remain full for longer as the blood sugar level will be decreased. The best sources of protein and healthy fats are foods such as eggs, almonds, lean meat, and cheese among others.

5. Read Food Labels

You can never control your sugar intake if all you do is blindly pick food and beverages. It is very important that one should consider checking the food labels and the ingredient list. This will enable you to know what you are picking and what benefits and damages it can cause to your health. To begin with, you need to put much focus on foods that are not sweet, as some are usually packed with high sugar content. So, sourness should never blind you as you might find yourself consuming excessive sugar without knowing. We all know what this can lead to.

In summary, the only way to reduce the possible heart diseases in life is to reduce the amount of sugar that you take. Sugar might be important to our bodies, but then again, our bodies are not dependent on sugar to perform. Processed sugar can be dangerous hence if one must take sugar, then it should be natural sugar as found in various organic foods.