5 Ways to Become a Morning Person

Everyone aspires to be a morning person, but unfortunately, very few people can achieve this.Well, although it is not an easy task to wake up in the morning than usual, there are significant benefits associated with this task. For example, one can focus more and be productive in the morning since there are fewer distractions as compared to other hours. Also, one’s mind is usually fresh in the morning hence enabling you to think more critically and better. Note that waking up in the morning does not have to be one thing off, but instead, you can make it be a daily routine. As long you follow the right affirmative procedures, you will be able to accomplish it and still enjoy it.

For beginners here are five ways that you can become a morning person.

1.  Set a standard time

The first step to achieving this routine is by setting up a standard time to sleep and wake up. Note that the time that you sleep at night determines the time you will wake up. Therefore, if you sleep late at night, rest assured you will not be able to wake up early since you will still have a sleep nagging you. Thus to make the process easy, set up your alarm for the time, you will be sleeping and the time to wake up. Make sure that you get enough time to sleep in between the two settings. You can set the time between 9:00 pm to 5: 00 am in the morning. Be consistent even during the weekends. Just make sure you wake up as usual and run some errands in the morning hours. Besides, you can take a nap later in the day as you relax in the house. If you follow this procedure in two weeks, you will be shocked at how your body will adjust and monitor your routine even without the aid of an alarm.

2. Have a work plan

Having a scheduled plan of what you want to accomplish the following day is a great way to motivate you to wake early in the morning. If you know what you want to do in the next morning regardless of the task, helps in setting your mind to get up immediately the alarm goes on. For example, if you have a proposal that you didn’t finish preparing at the office the previous day, it can be your first to do -thing on the following morning when you wake up. Make sure you have left some tasks that require your attention in the morning hours.This is one of the ways to give you a reason to get up earlier than usual.

3. Make your morning count

Always make your morning to be productive by doing at least one or two things that are on your to-do list. Note that this has to be applied even on the weekends. Waking up in the morning and maybe going to watch CNN news wouldn’t help you become a morning person. Reason being, you wouldn’t find the importance of waking up on some days, and if you don’t become consistent, this may mess up your morning schedule. Therefore always plan and have one or two things to do in the morning before you start to prepare for work or school. If you are a student, you can finish up your assignments in the morning before you begin to prepare for school.

4. Watch what you are eating.

The meals you put in your body determines how you will spend the entire day and how you will wake up in the morning as well. So make sure to eat your breakfast to keep your body energized and ensure the food is full of nutritious meals. The same case goes for the night meals. Eat a well-balanced diet at night and take plenty of water as well. Eating unhealthy food will also cause your body to be sluggish, but a whole meal keeps your body active and ready for the day.

5. Workout.

It is essential to keep your body fit to be able to run your day to day activities. Well, if you are not able to visit your gym during the day maybe its because of the workload that you have to tackle in the office before you get home, you can use your morning as the time to workout. Buy your gym equipment and create your workout room in the house. Besides working out in the morning will give you the best results since there is no one to disturb you and you can focus. Also, this helps you to start your day on a high note.


Although adjusting to becoming a morning person requires one to take baby steps, use the above five tips to guide you in improving to your morning routines. Make the morning to be about you and make sure to do things that will make you proud and accomplished as well.